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  1. Praise the Lord that our registrations are coming in ahead of schedule and that we are on track to meet and to exceed our expectations. Our total so far is 4,000 campers at Firwood and Fircreek combined this summer.


  1. We have a critical need to get quality counselors lined up to serve at both Firwood & Fircreek this summer. This year has been the hardest year ever to recruit the kind of young leaders essential for us to carry out our program and purposes. Please pray that many will sign up over the next few weeks.


  1. Praise for a great Golf Marathon fundraiser on May 20th with 52 golfers participating and around $60,000 raised before expenses. We are thankful for the renewed momentum generated by this year’s event.


  1. We lost the tenant we had lined up to lease the Rutledge building on the south side of Cable St. This is an important part of our revenue for the year. Pray for a good and compatible organization to come forward needing space for their purposes.


  1. Pray for Brad, Courtney and Justyn as they wrap up their internship with us this summer. Pray that God will continue to lead in their lives.


  1. Pray for good success on some major projects up at the Chalet as they begin in June. Pray for safety for the workers as they work and as they travel up and down the mountain.


  1. Pray for the preparations being made for summer staff training at both Firwood and Fircreek. Training begins in the middle of June with camps starting the last week of the month.


  1. Pray for the speakers who are lined up to speak this summer at Fircreek (JAM Time) and Firwood (Centerstage). Pray that they would be sensitive to the message God wants them to give to the campers.


  1. A number of things out of our control have come along that will impact our operational expenses this year. Pray for sufficient revenue and sufficient donations to take care of these potential shortfalls.

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