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  1. Praise for the opportunity to purchase the Lunde house on Austin St. and prayer for a good close to the transaction. Pray, too, for a good strategy to retire the debt and for an ideal tenant to rent the house from us – someone compatible to our ministry at Fircreek, in particular.


  1. We are contracting with a new organization to lease the Rutledge building from us. Pray for this Adult Day Program which we hope will be a good tenant – that they will turn out as the right group on this site for the next few years. Pray, too, for the timely completion of some projects in the building prior to the beginning of the lease.


  1. Pray for our upcoming Golf Marathon event this May. While it is a few months away, still, we are changing the event significantly. We will be looking for over double the number of golfers. Pray for good communication and good recruitment and, ultimately, good results.


  1. Pray for the staff of our After School Adventure program as they care for school age children every week day through the school year. Pray that the relationships formed will lead these kids to know more about Jesus. Pray, too, for the opportunities this program allows for providing support to the parents and guardians of these kids.


  1. Pray for the plans going on now to have an Outdoor Pre-school in place by this fall. Pray for the times being set up to share with prospective parents about this program. Pray for Stacy as she leads this effort.


  1. Pray for a big summer staff recruitment trip going on this month as schools are visited in order to meet with prospective college-age leaders for the summer. Pray that the right people will be found who love the Lord and kids and are skilled to meet our staffing needs.


  1. Pray for the upcoming Annual Meeting in March as planning begins for it soon. Pray that it will be a uniting and encouraging time for all involved.


  1. Pray for Bruce and Doug as they plan out their schedules over the next several months in an effort to maximize their time in getting a long list of improvement projects done at all of our sites.

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