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Job Title: The Firs Retreat Center Dining Room Supervisor

The Firs Retreat Center Dining Room (DR) Supervisor is responsible for creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere where guests will be well-served. The DR Supervisor will train, lead by example and work alongside servers, to set, serve and clear tables for Retreat Center meals and special events. The DR Supervisor is responsible for recruiting and training high school- and college-age Dining Room servers and dish room crew, as well as organizing all aspects of the Dining Room operations in relation to guest service needs. The DR Supervisor schedules dining and dish room staff and can work up to full-time throughout the summer and most weekends the rest of the year.

Strong service, leadership, administration, teaching, and people skills are required for success in this role. Pay starts at $14 per hour. The Firs Retreat Center is located at 4605 Cable Street, Bellingham, WA.

Please contact Rebekah Quinn at rebekah@thefirs.org for a complete job description.

TO APPLY, complete & sign the following forms available on the Employment page:

  1. Job Application for the Retreat Center
  2. Doctrinal Statement & Covenant

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