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Firs Golf Marathon

The Firs Golf Marathon is an annual event (at the Bellingham Golf & Country Club) that allows our participants to connect with dozens of friends, family members and acquaintances, in an effort to support the ministries of The Firs in a fun and creative manner. By combining the love of a game, the craziness of playing it all day long with a wide network of people – a substantial amount of money can be raised in a unique and relatively short period of time. Golf, therefore, takes on a new meaning as every swing of the club directly helps us provide a quality camping experience for thousands.

Date: May 21, 2018

Time: Dawn

Location:  Bellingham Golf & Country Club


Golfers tee off at dawn with the goal of playing 100 or more holes of golf in ten hours. The rules are modified in order to allow for a fast pace. Each golfer prior to the event is equipped with forms to help them raise $1000, $2000, $2500 or even more. Golfers sponsor themselves (entry fee) for $1.25 per hole, gather their sponsorship team from friends and family, find a caddie to join them, and have a blast out on a beautiful golf course with others doing the same thing.

If you sponsor a golfer and would like to make your payment towards your golfer’s fundraising efforts, benefitting The Firs ministries, you can find your golfer’s page at firstgiving.com/thefirs.

You may also make out a check to “The Firs”, including your golfer’s name in the check memo. If you are paying by check, please send your payment to:


The Firs

4605 Cable Street

Bellingham, WA  98229


The Firs Fellowship of BC

PO Box 4383

Vancouver, BC  V6B 3Z8   CANADA

If you would like to be involved with this fun, day-long event, give Rebekah a call (360-733-6840, ext. 226) or send us an email.

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