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  1. Praise the Lord with us – we have a new food service director for the Retreat Center and FC/ASA. His name is Doug Scherer and he comes to us from a lifelong career in food service. Pray for him as he gets acclimated to the job and people and for our need to hire one or more part time cooks.
  2. Pray for unity amongst all groups of The Firs, from staff to Council to Board. Almost 90 years ago Otis Whipple stated that the two essential principles for The Firs were faith in the Lord and oneness of spirit. Those both are so true today as we look to carry out our mission.
  3. This is a very important time in the recruitment process for summer staff for both Firwood and Fircreek. Pray for Darell, Steve, Joel, Brad, Justin, and Cameron as they work hard towards finding the right people for the right jobs this summer.
  4. The search has begun for a new Director of Camps and Retreats. The search team includes Paul Peterson, Eric Frazier, Darell Smith and myself. Others will be brought into the process as appropriate. Please bathe this process in prayer that God will lead us to just the right person for this crucial job.
  5. We need three new board candidates to fill the positions of outgoing board members. This is a very important decision as we look ahead. Please pray that the right people will be asked and that God will lead the right people to be elected.
  6. Our annual Golf Marathon is a few months out and as before is a very important event in raising funds to support our programs and campers at The Firs. Please pray that we will have a great response from people willing to golf and businesses willing to sponsor the event.
  7. The Firs Annual Meeting is scheduled for March 24th. Please pray in anticipation of this meeting that it would be informative, open, and productive and serve to set the stage for great unity moving forward.

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