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Job Title: Retreat Center Food Service Director
Reports to: Retreat Center Director
Updated: December 20, 2017

Position Summary:
This is a management position with hands-on cooking responsibility for all aspects of food service, including the supervision of the kitchen and Dining Room staff, in order to create and deliver high quality adult and family oriented meals to our guests. The Food Service Director is also responsible for Fircreek Day Camp staff meals, food for Fircreek special events, as well as daily After School Adventure program snacks.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Food Preparation: Consistently delivers attractive and creative adult-oriented meals that will be the highlight of our guest’s experience. Meals are consistently served on time with appropriate portions so that there are no shortages and waste is maintained at a minimum.
2. Menu Planning: Will develop exciting and attractive menus which are tailored to the age and nature of the groups being served, as well as alternatives for medical dietary restrictions, with a consideration to cost per meal targets, nutrition, and health guidelines. Menus will be standardized for efficiency in ordering, training, and implementation. Is constantly exploring, researching, testing and evaluating new menu options. Is regularly sourcing and evaluating new products and cooking methods.
3. Purchasing: Is responsible for purchasing food as well as a wide variety of products required to prepare meals, equip the kitchen and dining room, and serve meals with consideration to consistency and cost per meal targets.
4. Storage/Inventory: Will receive, organize, inventory, and maintain the proper storage of all food and products according to local and state health standards. Will perform periodic inventories for reporting to the business department.
5. Cooking: Will take the lead and set the example for the kitchen team for good cooking methods, practices, and standards.
6. Kitchen Cleanliness: Is responsible to maintain a high level of overall cleanliness for the kitchen, dish room, store room, food preparation equipment, and all aspects of the preparation, holding, and serving of food in food service areas including recovery and storage of re-servable food and disposal of scrapping and waste. Will meet with the health inspector on all inspections, maintain a positive and cooperative relationship, and respond immediately to any and all concerns and directives.
7. Kitchen Equipment: Will keep all food service related equipment at a high level of cleanliness and readiness for service. Will maintain and coordinate the repairs to equipment within budget and with approval for unanticipated repairs and replacements.
8. Supervision: Will serve as the supervisor for the Retreat Center kitchen and dining room insuring that all responsibilities listed above are achieved through a collegial and supportive supervisory and coaching relationship. Will train, supervise, encourage, motivate, and effectively lead kitchen and dining room staff in order to maintain an enthusiastic food service team who understands the significance of their role in the ministry which takes place at The Firs. Will build a strong positive kitchen, dish room, and dining room team of enthusiastic workers.
9. Health Regulations, Workplace Safety, Employment Standards, & Employee Supervision: Is responsible for maintaining, training, and enforcing all appropriate standards that relate to food service preparation and staffing insuring that dress, behavior, language, music, and the work environment and atmosphere is positive, honoring to God, and is consistent with the ministry objectives of The Firs.
10. Staffing, Scheduling, & Training: Will coordinate with the HR Director to maintain an appropriate level of part-time and seasonal kitchen and dining room staff, which varies significantly throughout the year.
11. Budgeting: Will create and track an approved budget for all areas of food service and staffing within the cost per meal and labor targets established by the budget.
12. Head Start: Will work closely and collegially with the Head Start staff who use Retreat Center kitchen facilities for preparation of food for the Head Start program during the mid-weeks of the school year.
13. Other: Will respond to other tasks and responsibilities as assigned by the Retreat Center Director.

Education and/or Experience:
1. A mature Christian with a ministry oriented vocational objective.
2. Experience in institutional food service as a director or manager with hands-on cooking experience providing food service for 100 guests or more who are resident for a week or more at a time.
3. High School Graduate with formal food service training or equivalent experience in similar applications to The Firs.
4. Experience in and a basic understanding of the ministry objectives and operational structures of resident camp and retreat organizations and a desire to serve God within this context.

Technical Skills:
1. Commercial and institutional cooking and baking skills.
2. Understanding of basic health and safety requirements as they relate to commercial food service.
3. Knowledge of the use and maintenance of commercial kitchen equipment.
4. Personnel recruitment, training, and management skills.

1. Whatcom County Food Handler’s Card
2. Optional but encouraged: First Aid/CPR Certification

Expectations and Capabilities:
1. Develop consistency and stability in the performance of food service production including a high level of personal and logistical organization.
2. Read and write English, is functional with a computer, and in the use of MS Word and Excel.
3. Is able to work flexible hours including most weekends.
4. Ability to lift and carry 50 lbs up and down a flight of stairs as well as move food inventory between floors.

Compensation and Benefits:
1. Compensation will depend on experience.
2. Medical insurance
3. Retirement contributions begin after two years of full- time service.
4. Meals are available for you and your family in our retreat center dining room for approximately 10 weeks of the summer.
5. On site family housing may be available at below market value rent.

TO APPLY, complete & sign the following forms available on the Employment page:

  1. Job Application for the Retreat Center
  2. Doctrinal Statement & Covenant

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